IMCT505 – Process Theory and Applications

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Process Theory and Applications
To provide the student with advanced knowledge of process control with underpinning knowledge of process chemistry, heat transfer mechanisms, thermodynamic and fluids processes and industrial applications so that they can relate control strategies to different applications and understand the role of process parameters and behaviour in equipment selection.
  • TC1705
NZQA Level
Level 5
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Delivery method
  • Web-Supported
Learning hours
Directed hours
Self directed hours
Total learning hours
Resources required
Learning Outcomes
Thermodynamic processes and their practical applications
Boiler and turbine processes
Modes and applications of heat transfer
The properties of steam under varying conditions and applications
Gas characteristics
Real fluid flow as applied to a process application
Process chemistry
-Thermodynamic processes and their practical applications;
-Modes and applications of heat transfer - convection, conduction, radiation; heat exchanger types and performance;
-Steam properties under varying conditions and applications;
-Boiler & turbine processes;
-Real fluid flow, head loss calculations, pump selection to fit flow requirements;
-Gas characteristics;
-Process chemistry.
Teaching and Learning Strategy
Learning will be by way of structured distance learning, either by hardcopy written material and assessment/s or by on-line learning and assessment. Students will also undertake a range of related practical assessments to reinforce process theory. Students will be provided with essential learning material and will be encouraged to research some aspects by way of library/database and/or internet searches for pertinent material.

Assessment Criteria
Written Assessment70
Practical Assessment30
Achievement of a pass grade in both the written and practical assessments.