HSSW606 – Te Weu

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Te Weu
The aim of this module is to develop students' personal understanding of colonisation and how the process impacted on Maori society. Students will consider this learning in relation to their developing Social Practice in Aotearoa New Zealand while expanding their own Maori cultural learning. Maori language and cultural practices are embedded within the module
  • HS0114
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Level 6
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  • Web-Supported
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Learning Outcomes
1. Analyse the impact of colonisation and government response to Tiriti/Treaty injustices on whanau, hapu and iwi
2. Analyse personal and professional identity in the context of Te Tiriti o Waitangi/Treaty of Waitangi and the implications to developing Social Work practice
3. Demonstrate developing skills in te reo and application of tikanga
- Imperialism and colonial oppression
- Waitangi Tribunal legislation including Iwi submissions and decisions
- Explore the impact of colonisation on Maori knowledge, health, justice and social systems
- Cultural dominance through religious, educational and other oppressive practices
- Racism and decolonisation
- Challenges and society protests
- WWI, WWII and Maori urbanisation
- Maori audit models and practice models
- Kaupapa Maori development strategies
- Examine power theorists
- Reflection and review of various social service organisations and their alignment of practice with Te Tiriti o Waitangi/ The Treaty of Waitangi
- Expanding vocabulary of Maori words, phrases and concepts
- Further examine tikanga, kawa, and rituals of engagement with Maori
- A compulsory noho marae
Assessment Criteria
Assessment in this module is mixed mode. The application and assessment of transferable skills are integrated into the assessment tasks. To pass this module all assessments must be submitted and an overall pass mark of 50 is required. Students must also meet all the requirements of the competency based assessment task to be eligible for a final grade for this module. The final grade will be based on the marks from the achievement based tasks.

The BSW is an applied academic degree which includes the requirement that students demonstrate professional practice in a range of ways. This includes high levels of attendance and participation. To this end, students who do not meet the 80 attendance criteria (without approved reason) will fail the respective module.
Learning and Teaching Resource
An extended reading list will be supplied by the tutor at commencement of the course. This will be updated annually.
Teaching and Learning Strategy
- Interactive lectures
- Noho Marae
- On-line learning
- Caucusing