HSPT803 – Independent Rangahau or Research Project A

Module code
Module title
Independent Rangahau or Research Project A
To complete an individual supervised rangahau or research project, with assistance from their supervisor. Projects will address a physiotherapy-related rangahau or research question. In Rangahau or Research Project A, students will initiate and progress their project in consultation with their supervisor; they will complete their project in Rangahau or Research Project B.
  • HS1902
NZQA Level
Level 8
NZQA Credits
Delivery method
  • Web-Enhanced
Learning hours
Total learning hours
Resources required
Teaching and Learning Strategy
May include: Project-based Learning; Flipped Classroom; Blended Learning; Work-integrated Learning; Inclusive Practices.
Methods may include workshops and practical classes, tutorials, case-based learning, inquiry-based learning, supported online learning, supervisor meetings, independent project work.
Learning Outcomes
1. Evaluate new knowledge with analytical rigor and apply intellectual independence when engaging in a rangahau or research project.
2. Appraise the literature related to a research question for a planned rangahau or research project.
3. Formulate and engage in rangahau or research using appropriate methodology, and ethical and culturally responsive research process.
4. Create a rangahau or research project plan in oral and written forms to a professional academic standard.
Planning a rangahau or research question
Critically appraising the literature
Developing a testable hypothesis if applicable
Designing a study and selecting a rangahau or research method
Obtaining ethics approval with support of supervisor (if required).
Managing a rangahau or research project under supervision
Presenting rangahau or research proposals (written and oral)
Assessment Criteria
The portfolio is comprised of multiple components.
Students need to provide evidence against all learning outcomes, and gain an overall mark of 50% to pass this module.

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