HSPT605 – Neurological Physiotherapy

Module code
Module title
Neurological Physiotherapy
To develop physiotherapy knowledge and clinical skills for the management of people living with basic disorders of neurological system across the lifespan.
  • HS1901
NZQA Level
Level 6
NZQA Credits
Delivery method
  • Web-Enhanced
Learning hours
Total learning hours
Resources required
Teaching and Learning Strategy
May include: Project-based Learning; Flipped Classroom; Blended Learning; Work-integrated Learning; Inclusive Practices.
Methods may include workshops and practical classes, tutorials, case-based learning, inquiry-based learning, group activities & discussion, supported online learning, e-portfolio, practice simulation.
Learning Outcomes
1. Apply biomedical and behavioural scientific knowledge and relevant lifespan, gender, cultural, legal and ethical factors to the evaluation and management of basic neurological disorders.
2. Apply introductory clinical reasoning skills and decision making in neurological physiotherapy practice.
3. Demonstrate a safe and appropriate basic subjective and physical examination, intervention and evaluation for basic neurological disorders.
4. Communicate in an effective, culturally responsive manner in both verbal and written forms.
5. Appraise the role of the client, whnau and other health and social care professionals in the interprofessional team for the holistic management of clients with a neurological disorder.
Neuroanatomical revision, brain and blood supply
Classification of neurological disorders across the lifespan and their pathogenesis
Neuroanatomical localisation of cerebral and brainstem lesions; symptomatology, especially motor/sensory changes following vascular lesions and brain damage
Medical and team management of selected common simple neurological disorders
Clinical reasoning in neurological physiotherapy practice; reasoning skills needed for interpreting the clinical examination of neurological clients and collaboratively planning their management
Culturally responsive care for neurological clients particularly for Maori and Pasifika
Information gathering/history taking for clients presenting with neurological disorders
Examination principles and procedures commonly used in assessing neurological disorders
Outcome measures for neurological disorders
Stroke: aetiology, pathology, symptomatology and basic medical and surgical management, including radiological investigations
Current principles of neurological rehabilitation practice; mechanisms of recovery; biological basis and empirical evidence for physiotherapy interventions
Physiotherapy management of people with neurological disorders, including motor, sensory, perceptual and behavioural/cognitive deficits
Optimization of motor performance following neurological disorders; skills in training motor/sensory deficits in all functional activities following stroke
Alternate approaches to the management of neurological conditions
Methods of maximizing rehabilitation intensity, volume and specificity including exercise prescription and group programmes
Safe and effective use of functional electrical stimulation to maximise functional recovery
The principles and importance of primary and secondary stroke prevention and the role of physiotherapy in health promotion
The psychosocial impact of neurological disorders on clients and their whnau and strategies to manage these effects
Availability of services in the community for stroke clients and their reintegration into society
Role of other health professionals in team management of neurological clients across the lifespan, including team decision making
Assessment Criteria
Practice Based Assessment - this assessment must be passed to pass the module.
The portfolio is comprised of multiple components.
Students need to provide evidence against all learning outcomes, and gain an overall mark of 50% to pass this module.

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