HSCO706 – Counselling Interventions in Addictions and Co-Existing Problems (CEP)

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Counselling Interventions in Addictions and Co-Existing Problems (CEP)
Students will develop practice in therapeutic interventions and strategies for working with addiction and Co-Existing Problems (CEP) service users, and be able to critically evaluate and reflect on their own counselling practice in these contexts.
  • HS1602
NZQA Level
Level 7
NZQA Credits
Delivery method
  • Web-Supported
Learning hours
Directed hours
Self directed hours
Total learning hours
Resources required
Learning Outcomes
1.Demonstrate critical knowledge of individual and whnau-centred therapeutic interventions and strategies when working with people with co-existing addictions and mental health problems.
2.Demonstrate the ability to conduct best practice therapeutic interventions approaches in mental health and addictions contexts.
3.Demonstrate therapeutic group facilitation and process skills in an addictions and co-existing problems (CEP) context.
4.Critically evaluate and reflect on own counselling practice and align with professional competencies and national practice standards & guidelines.
-National treatment practice guidelines & frameworks
-Professional standards and competencies for working in addictions
-Working with special populations (disability, offenders)
-Case management in addictions practice
-Whnau-focussed CEP interventions
-Working with co-existing problems
-Motivational interviewing for addictions
-Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for addictions
-Therapeutic group processes and skills
Teaching and Learning Strategy
-Class discussion
-Group work
-On-line activities
-Inquiry based activities
Assessment Criteria
Reflective Journal4Students will write 5 reflective journal entries in which they will consider their own practice and its alignment with professional standards and competencies.

Individual Counselling Practice & Report1-2Students will video an intervention session, demonstrating the application of best practice addiction and co-existing problem (CEP) treatment, and write a reflective report on their practice, linking the treatment demonstrated with best practice literature.

Group Counselling Practice & Report1,3Student will video the delivery of a group counselling session, and write a report on their practice.

Taetanga/ 80 AttendanceHas attended at least 80 of all classes

Ng Tukunga/ Submission ComponentAll assessments are submitted