HORT516 – Managing Staff

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Managing Staff
The aim of this module is to develop student’s knowledge and competency in managing staff for a horticulture operation.
NZQA Level
Level 5
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Delivery method
  • Web-Supported
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Self directed hours
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Learning Outcomes
1. Describe employment obligations and responsibilities for a horticulture operation.
2. Describe types of employment agreements relevant to employees in a horticulture operation.
3. Manage induction processes and training programs for new staff in a horticulture operation.
4. Develop a labour schedule to meet labour requirements of a horticulture operation.
• Legislative requirements and employer obligations in a horticulture operation
• Health and Safety legislative requirements in a horticulture operation
• Employment agreements for horticulture operation
• Staff inductions and training programs
• Labour schedules
Assessment Criteria
Assessment in this module is mixed mode. Students must gain a minimum mark of 50% in the achievement-based assessments and meet all the requirements of the competency-based assessments including carrying out all tasks in a safe manner and to industry standard to be eligible for a final grade for this module. The final grade will be based on the marks from the achievement-based assessment tasks. Where there is no achievement based assessment involved, a competency pass will be given if competencies are satisfied.
Learning and Teaching Resource
? Tutorial notes, exercises and readings, flexible, blended learning focus to content and material, projects for project based learning.
? Interactive Moodle platform