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HORT428 – Plant Collections

Module code
Module title
Plant Collections
The aim of this module is to develop students knowledge and skills in establishing and maintaining plant collections
  • SX1703
NZQA Level
Level 4
NZQA Credits
Delivery method
  • Web-Supported
Learning hours
Total learning hours
Resources required
Learning Outcomes
Describe plant collections
Plan the establishment of a specific plant collection
Maintain a plant collection
Maintain plant collection identification and records
-Collection types; horticultural and botanical, purpose, and location; trees, shrubs, alpine plants, cacti, succulents, herbs, roses, New Zealand native plants
-Purpose of plant collections
-Planning environmental requirements; soil, water, nutrient status, light, temperature, exposure, specific seasonal requirements
-Planning cultural requirements; drainage, irrigation, cultivation, fertilising, weed control, shelter, lighting, heating
-Life spans of typical collections
-Continuity planning strategies regular health appraisals, pest and disease control, maintenance of optimum growing conditions, separate plant groupings, on-going propagation regime
-Planning key requirements of plant collection establishment; timeline, purpose, cultural, environment, maintenance
-Tools and equipment safe use
-Weed control; cultural, physical, chemical methods, appropriate to plant collection plan
-Watering as required, soil moisture, root depth
-Fertiliser side dressing, plant type and species requirements, soil analysis
-Planting up, removal and replacements, soil condition maintenance
-Maintenance according to plan; disbudding, dead-heading, trimming, staking and tying, corrective pruning or training, pest and disease control, removal of dead, damaged, discarded plant material
-Clear tidy work area and surrounds, disposal of waste
-Tools and equipment cleaning and storage
-Plant identify and label; date, common name, botanical name; genus, species, cultivar
-Plant collection records; plant name, accession number, source, country of origin, date and source of plant material, date of propagation, date of planting out, plant condition, physical location within the collection
-Record keeping; filing electronic records, hard copies
Assessment Criteria
Assessment in this module is competency-based. In order to pass this module, students must attempt and meet all the requirements of the competency-based assessments including carrying out all tasks in a safe manner and to industry standard
Teaching and Learning Strategy
Theoretical face-to-face and online sessions including tutorials, workshops, group activities, discussion, workbooks, independent learning, and assignments.

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