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HORT203 – Chainsaw Operation

Module code
Module title
Chainsaw Operation
The aim of this module is to develop student’s ability to demonstrate basic chainsaw operation.
  • SX1702
NZQA Level
Level 2
NZQA Credits
Delivery method
  • Web-Supported
Learning hours
Total learning hours
Resources required
Learning Outcomes
Disassemble and reassemble a chainsaw, and identify and explain the main function of components
Demonstrate knowledge of factors that influence the operation of a chainsaw
Prepare to operate a chainsaw
Start and test a chainsaw
Use a chainsaw to make cuts
-Chainsaw safety procedures; on/off switch, throttle lockout, chain brake, rear hand-guard, spark arrester/muffler, anti-vibration mounts, chain catcher, mitt
-Chainsaw manufacturers recommendations
-Chainsaw starter cover, top cover, air filter, side cover, bar and chain removal
-Chainsaw components; starter mechanism, flywheel, top cover, air filter, carburettor, high tension lead, spark plug, cooling fins, choke, throttle control, side cover, drive sprocket, chain tension adjuster, clutch, guide bar, oil flow adjuster, depth gauge, cutter
-Chainsaw reassembly
-Chainsaw operation hazards; cutting action of chain, exhaust heat, exhaust fumes, noise, operator fatigue, working alone, operator dehydration
-Reactive forces; traction, recoil
-Chain maintenance requirements
-Poor chainsaw maintenance consequences; cutting, maintenance, operator health, operator safety
-Kickback and causes
-Control of kickback; grip, left thumb, body position, bar nose location re-entering cuts, reach
-Tension wood, compression wood
-PPE prescribed; leg, head, foot, hearing, eye, high visibility clothing
-First aid requirements; kit, dressings
-Chainsaw fuelling
-Pre-start checks; fuel and oil, cutting unit, security of external fittings, condition of safety features
-Motor sizes and bar length requirements for work
-Safe chainsaw carrying methods; left site of body, bar pointing to rear, saw able to be thrown clear in a fall
-Starting location, starting methods
-Holding chainsaw; left hand on front handle, right hand on rear handle, fingers and thumbs encircling the handles
-Operating condition checks; even idle, without chain movement, chain lubrication system is working, chain brake tested
-Stabilising material
-Stabilise footing; not overreaching, held to close to the body, out of kickback zone, braced against reactive forces, standing in safe position
-Planning and carrying out cuts; up cuts, down cuts, bore cuts
-Compression wood and tension wood identified and cut
-Stopping chainsaw and safe placement
-Checking chain during operation for sharpness, tension and lubrication
Assessment Criteria
Assessment in this module is competency-based. In order to pass this module, students must attempt and meet all the requirements of the competency-based assessments including carrying out all tasks in a safe manner and to industry standard.
Teaching and Learning Strategy
Theoretical face-to-face and online sessions including tutorials, workshops, group activities, discussion, workbooks, independent learning, and assignments.

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