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HLBM604 – Women's Health Assessment and the Midwife

Module code
Module title
Women's Health Assessment and the Midwife
The aim of this module is to introduce students to women's health issues related to early pregnancy, gynaecological issues and women's health screening. Physical assessment of the well woman is also included.
NZQA Level
Level 6
NZQA Credits
Delivery method
  • Web-Based
Learning hours
Total learning hours
Resources required
- Application of knowledge of sociology and women's studies.
- Holistic assessment of the well woman. Gynaecological conditions, eg; molar pregnancy,
PCOS, PID, hysterectomy
- Screening: STIs, breast cancer, cervical screening, scanning, diagnostic tools.
- Early pregnancy conditions, eg; hyperemesis, miscarriage, early pregnancy bleeding,
ectopic pregnancy.
- Analysis of women's health issues and the relevance to midwifery practice.
- Current issues relating to childbearing women: nutrition, pre-conceptual care, infertility,
contraception, abortion, miscarriage, tobacco, drugs, alcohol and obesity in pregnancy.
- Cultural safety within midwifery practice
Teaching and Learning Strategy
Teaching strategies and learning methods will include lectures, online exercises and independent study.
Recommended Readings
A list of current readings will be provided on Moodle. However, students are expected to read widely.
Learning Outcomes
On completion of this module students will be able to:
1.Apply knowledge in the physical and psychosocial assessment of the well woman, including cultural competence.
2.Apply knowledge and skills in the care of women related to pre-conceptual care, early pregnancy, gynaecological conditions and medical conditions.
3.Discuss the sociological implications of women's health issues, including screening programmes, upon midwives and midwifery practice.
4.Discuss the relationship between research, health assessment and practice.
Assessment Criteria
Students must meet all the requirements of the competency based assessment tasks to be eligible for a final grade for this module. The final grade will be on the basis of the marks from the achievement based tasks. All assessments must be attempted and submitted. Failure to do so will result in a 'fail' for the paper.

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