ESGD724 – Coding tools for the classroom

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Coding tools for the classroom
This module aims to provide the student a broad introduction to a range of free desktop and online multimedia authoring tools that can be used by students and teachers to easily create a variety of code based multi - curriculum learning activities, resources, games and therefore provide a stepping stone to the more advanced world of computer programming, application and game development. Students will be introduced to a range of core coding applications that will span early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary for teaching and learning purposes. At their chosen level the aim of this course is to provide teachers with competency in using coding, authoring tools in their classrooms to problem solve and create.
  • ES0702
  • ES9901
NZQA Level
Level 7
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  • Web-Based
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Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this module students will be able to:

1.Demonstrate competency in the application and use of a range of code based multimedia authoring software in their school/classroom.

2.Use the main features of code based multimedia authoring software and demonstrate how these tools can be used in the classroom.

3.Utilise the features of the coding tools software in the classroom to create a range of applications across a range of curriculum areas.

4.Students will understand ways in how these coding tools can be used to enhance creativity and problem solving in the classroom.
5.Research a variety of ways in code based multimedia authoring software software can be used in the classroom.
Students will:

Fully explore the main features code based multimedia authoring software utilising a 'hands on programming' approach.

Students will explore and gain competency in:
- Creating multimedia stories, games and animations
- To gain an understanding and competence in using a range of coding editors
- To gain an understanding and competence in using coding language
- Choosing and setting up code authoring software accounts
- Identifying and gaining competency in a variety of basic programming coding methods
- Creating educationally based projects

Students will develop the necessary coding skills to enable students to improve their own personal programming skill set in an educational environment and to be able to tutor and support other teaching staff in their school setting.
- This will be achieved through completing a range of coding activities

Critically analyse the variety of ways in which code based multimedia authoring software is used in the classroom in relation to curriculum frameworks.
- Students will need to critically examine essential skills and the essential learning areas in relation to coding.
Teaching and Learning Strategy
Teaching and learning methods will involve theoretical and online sessions including tutorials, workshops, group activities, discussion, independent learning, and assignments.
Learning and Teaching Resource
An extended reading list will be supplied by the lecturer at commencement of the module.
The readings will be available as PDFs online.
This will be updated annually.