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ESGD722 – ICT and Early Childhood Education

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ICT and Early Childhood Education
Students will analyse theoretical learning perspectives in relation to using ICT for teaching and learning in the early childhood education setting. They will examine and analyse a range of methods for integrating ICT into an early childhood education environment. Students will also identify a contemporary ICT issue in the Early Childhood context, research this issue and present their findings
  • ES0702
  • ES9901
NZQA Level
Level 7
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Delivery method
  • Web-Based
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Short Course Overview
To critically examine the validity of alternative conceptions, and perspectives, on the use of ICT for supporting the teaching and learning process in the Early Childhood Education Environment. To establish a rationale for the integration of ICT into the teacher's practice. Participants will examine a number of critical issues related to ICT in an educational context
Learning Outcomes
1 Critically evaluate the main theoretical perspectives that inform teaching and learning
practises within the ICT environment (i.e. cognitive, behavioural, ecological,
constructivist and social dialogical).

2 Critically evaluate the pedagogy of educational computing and ICT through an in depth
analysis of the early childhood teacher's role with respect to the connections between
theory and practice in an ICT environment.

3 Critically evaluate contrasting views concerning the creation of effective computer
learning environments.

4 Examine a critical issue regarding the use of ICT in ECE in depth and present findings on
this issue to the class
Analyse different theoretical learning perspectives in relation to using computers for teaching and learning

- theoretical and research perspectives -
- learning traditions
- learning perspectives and main tenets
- rationale for using computers in the early childhood education environment

Evaluate and apply the different theoretical perspectives to teaching in an ICT environment

- application of theory into an early childhood education setting
- case studies where ICT is integrated into an early childhood education environment

Examine and analyse a range of methods for effective teaching and learning in an ICT environment

- the role of the teacher in the learning environment
- an inquiry centred environment
- problems and issues

Identify a critical issue for ICT in the early childhood context, research this issue (or another related issue) and present findings to the class as a whole

- Reflect on the major issues of the module with links to the participants own educational
context in the form of a journal.

Critically evaluate research associated with the linking of theory to practice with reference to learning in an ICT environment

- effective curriculum management
- effective teaching strategies
- a learner centred approach
- the role of the learner

Evaluate models and approaches for their potential for promoting the development of inquiry skills

- promoting social interaction and developing thinking skills
- children with special needs and computers
- an International perspective on computers in education
- inquiry model

Evaluate strategies for creating socially interactive and reflective learning environments with reference to current theory

- creative problem solving
- co-operative group work
- creating effective environments for thinking
- promoting social interaction and thinking skills
- planning and data gathering skills
- creating a community of practice

Identify and justify teaching methods for developing skills in cognition and metacognition with reference to practical application in an early childhood education setting

- definitions of cognition and metacognition
- teaching higher order thinking skills (Bloom's Taxonomy)
Teaching and Learning Strategy
- Online Forum discussions
- Contribution to wiki discussions
- Peer teaching / peer tutoring
- Discussion groups
- Self instruction methods
- Independent study
- Inquiry
- Online resources and interactive activities

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