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DE6309 – Advanced Thermodynamics

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Module title
Advanced Thermodynamics
To develop a sound understanding in the theory and application of thermodynamics, especially as related to heat engines, air compressors, nozzles, steam plant, and energy conservation plant/principles
  • EN1603
  • SC1101
NZQA Level
Level 6
NZQA Credits
Delivery method
  • Web-Enhanced
Learning hours
Total learning hours
Resources required
Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

1. Select and apply appropriate laws of thermodynamics.
2. Analyse common engine cycles and explain their operation and their effects on the environment.
3. Analyse air compressors, nozzles, Steam plant, energy conservation plant/principles
4. Analyse refrigeration/heat pump cycles
5. Outline HVAC system operation and equipment and determine heating, cooling and dehumidifying loads.
6. Determine air/fuel ratios and exhaust analysis for common fuels and describe their handling requirements.
• Thermodynamic laws, first, second and third laws, enthalpy, entropy, availability,
• Gas cycles, Carnot, Otto, Joule (Brayton), Diesel, Dual, Stirling, PV and TS Diagrams, power, efficiency, work
• Engines, I.C. engines, operation principles, cycles, 2 and 4 strokes, pressure charging, engine trials, indicated and brake power
• Steam and gas turbines, principles, schematic plant layouts, application of appropriate cycles, constructional features, work done, blading efficiency, axial thrust, efficiencies, heat exchanger effectiveness.
• Energy conservation and environmental effects, the environment, total energy conservation in plant, waste heat recovery, overall efficiencies, co-generation plants.
• Steam generating plant and cycles, boiler types, feed systems, feed components, feed water contamination and treatment, boiler efficiencies, evaporators, condensers, heat balance, Dalton’s law of partial pressures.
• Nozzles steam and air flow, critical pressure ratio, nozzle shapes, supersaturation
• HVAC systems, humidity, heating cooling loads, Load line, recycle air, fresh air, plant layout
• Fuels and combustion calculations, chemical equations of combustion, air/fuel ratios, analysis of exhaust gases, gas analysis equipment, solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, calorific values of fuels, preparation of fuels for use, fuel storage, application and use in modern plant.
• Air compressors, Types, FAD, Multi staging, Inter cooling, Volumetric efficiency, power
• Refrigerants, cycles, coefficient of performance, secondary circuits, heat pumps, plant layouts, Q, W.
Assessment Criteria
Tests 20%
Assignments, Laboratory (Practical) 30%
Examination 50%

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