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DE4101 – Engineering Fundamentals

Module code
Module title
Engineering Fundamentals
To introduce the basic fundamentals of a range of engineering disciplines.
  • EN1603
  • SC1101
  • VP0029
NZQA Level
Level 4
NZQA Credits
Delivery method
  • Web-Enhanced
Learning hours
Total learning hours
Resources required
Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:
1.Demonstrate an understanding of, and apply, the fundamentals of statics, dynamics and mechanical energy concepts.
2.Evaluate direct stress and strain, and derive elastic properties from tensile test results.
3.Demonstrate an understanding of the engineering properties of fluids and apply the fundamentals of hydrostatics.
4.Demonstrate an understanding of electrical voltage, current and resistance and explain the difference between AC and DC.
5. Demonstrate awareness of the New Zealand Electricity system and describe some of its safety features.
6.Demonstrate an understanding of heat energy and transfer; temperature and humidity of air.
- SI units, Units conversion; Scalars, Vectors, Force, Components of a force; Analysis of concurrent force systems; Moment of a force, Conditions of static equilibrium, beam support reactions; First moment of area, Centroid, Centre of gravity; Velocity, Acceleration, Linear motion; Newton's laws of motion; Friction on level surfaces; Work and Power; Potential- and Kinetic energy, Conservation of energy.
- Tensile-, Compressive- and Shear stress and strain; Tensile test, Elastic Modulus.
- Fluid properties: Density, Specific gravity, Specific Weight, Viscosity; Pressure, head, gauge pressure, absolute pressure, manometers.
- Electron flow, voltage, current, resistance, batteries, generators, Ohm's law, use of multimeter, AC and DC appleid to resistive circuits.
- Overview of the power distribution system, MEN system, protection and safety.
- Radiant, conductive and convective heat energy. Thermal mass and thermal conductivity. Latent heat of vaporization and freezing. Simple temperature sensors and sources of errors in measurement.
Assessment Criteria

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