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CONS5002 – Materials and Structural Principles

Module code
Module title
Materials and Structural Principles
The aim of this course is to develop knowledge and skills of structural principles and the properties of materials and finishes applicable to building projects.
  • NZ2416
  • NZ2420
NZQA Level
Level 5
NZQA Credits
Delivery method
  • Web-Enhanced
Learning hours
Total learning hours
Resources required
Learning Outcomes
1. Evaluate the performance of materials and finishes used in building projects.
2. Evaluate and select materials and finishes for building projects.
3. Review structural principles and loading of building elements for building projects.
- Characteristics, properties, and performance: identification of characteristics and physical properties, environmental factors, and potential hazards; and evaluation of performance relating to function.
- Alternative building materials.
- Selection and compatibility: identification and evaluation of compatible elements and environmental impact. Choice of materials and finishes in accordance with design, function, and construction methods.
- Structural principles expressed in diagrams, labels, and descriptions (non-calculative).
- Loadings including tension, compression, bending, shear.
- Elements including columns, beams, bracing, frames.
- Purpose and performance including resistance to and transfer of loads.
- Elements including columns, beams, bracing
- Recognition of potential element failure.
Assessment Criteria
Assessment in this course employs an achievement-based grading scheme. Aakonga will be advised of all matters relating to summative assessment prior to the start of the course.
Teaching and Learning Strategy
Learning and teaching activities will employ a range of elements drawn from approved methods to align with the context of the learning (delivery mode, regional specific requirement, etc.) and any particular needs of the group of aakonga.
Learning and Teaching Resource
All required and recommended resources are advised to aakonga via course outlines.

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