CHEM601 – Analytical Chemistry for Applied Science

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Analytical Chemistry for Applied Science
To enable students to obtain the knowledge and skills required to operate and trouble-shoot a range of instruments used for chemical analysis.
  • SX1707
  • SX1709
NZQA Level
Level 6
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Delivery method
  • Web-Supported
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Learning Outcomes
Describe the most common instrumental analyses performed on environmental and food samples.
Perform analyses using electrochemical techniques.
Perform analyses using spectrophotometric techniques.
Perform analyses using gas chromatographic and HPLC techniques.
Evaluate results and account for sources of error.
-Electrochemical analytical techniques
-Spectrophotometric analyses including UV/Vis, IR, AE/AA and fluorometry
-Gas chromatographic analysis
-High performance liquid chromatography analysis
Teaching and Learning Strategy
Learning will be facilitated using a range of teaching and learning methods, which may include:
Practical - laboratory; practical or workshop sessions and activities; demonstrations
Theory - includes web-supported tutor facilitated/directed presentations; lectures and tutorials; group activities; peer presentations and review; group/individual research; online learning activities; case studies; guest speakers
Assessment Criteria
Portfolio of Evidence100