CHEM501 – Chemistry for Applied Science

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Module title
Chemistry for Applied Science
To enable students to understand the theoretical concepts and gain practical skills necessary for further study in chemistry and the applied sciences.
  • SX1707
  • SX1709
NZQA Level
Level 5
NZQA Credits
Delivery method
  • Web-Supported
Learning hours
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Self directed hours
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Learning Outcomes
Predict bonding, geometry and polarity of molecules.
Carry out chemical calculations involving moles, concentration and pH.
Outline principles of electrochemistry and balance redox reactions.
Demonstrate confident laboratory skills in chemical analysis.
-Atomic structure and electronic configuration
-The periodic table and properties of elements
-Structure, properties and bonding of chemical compounds
-Chemical formulae and equations including rate and enthalpy change
-Principles of electrochemistry and redox reactions
-Properties, reactions and analysis of acids and bases
-Concepts and calculations involving pH, equilibria and buffers
-Calculations related to chemical analysis
Teaching and Learning Strategy
Learning will be facilitated using a range of teaching and learning methods, which may include:
Practical - laboratory; practical or workshop sessions and activities; demonstrations
Theory - includes web-supported tutor facilitated/directed presentations; lectures and tutorials; group activities; peer presentations and review; group/individual research; online learning activities; case studies; guest speakers
Assessment Criteria
Portfolio of Evidence100