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BSPD822 – Management of Services

Module code
Module title
Management of Services
To enable the students to understand the concept of service businesses, the unique characteristics of service businesses, and the management implications of these characteristics for the integrative management of any service business
  • IT1101
NZQA Level
Level 8
NZQA Credits
Delivery method
  • Web-Enhanced
Learning hours
Total learning hours
Resources required
Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this module students will be able to

1. Analyse the problems commonly encountered in service organisations not
faced by goods businesses

2. Analyse the attraction, retention and building of strong customer relationship through quality service

3. Analyse the cross functional treatment of issues through integration of marketing with the disciplines of operations and human resources

The history, nature and characteristics of the service industry
- The inability of services to generate to inventory
- The difficulty in synchronizing demand and supply
- The challenges in controlling the performance quality of human interactions
- Information required to develop strategies new to traditional marketing
- Understanding services and the implications for management
- Public versus private and profit versus not-for-profit service organizations
- The design of services and service delivery systems
- Structure of service organizations
- Strategy in service organisations

Customer service
- The customer role in the processing of services
- Capacity management and demand management

Quality issues in service organisations
- Quality service and service strategies for competitive advantage across industries
- Frameworks for customer-focused management
- Strategies common to increasing customer satisfaction and retention
- Appropriate approaches to management and measurement of service quality
- Service recovery processes
- Integrating customer measurement to performance measurement
- Managing moments of truth

Human dimension in services
- The propensity to over promise
- Service standards for back stage and front stage situations
- Service mapping and physical evidence overlay models appropriate for any given service organisation
- Management and leadership approaches for supervisory staff
- Integrated training, developing and supervisory control approaches to customers' expectations from service delivery
- Productivity issues in service organizations
- Front office: back room activities (internal customers)
- Costing of services
- Managing service personnel
- Integrating services management into organisations
Learning and Teaching Resource
Teaching will involve blended delivery methods incorporating theoretical and practical classes, face to face, lectures, tutorials, workshops, group activities, guest lecturers, field trips, role-play, video conferencing, and on-line delivery, as appropriate
Teaching and Learning Strategy
An extended reading list will be supplied by the lecturer at commencement of the module. This will be updated annually.
Assessment Criteria
In order to receive a passing grade, students must achieve a minimum 40% average over all supervised tests and achieve 50% overall for the module.

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