BMAFD702 – Management of Professional Presentation

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Management of Professional Presentation
This module constitutes the culmination of the student's study where they will develop and prepare an exhibition or runway event of their selected works as studied in Advanced Fashion project. This will be accompanied with components that document the design process, research, marketing and event management procedures They will become able to critically evaluate a range of case studies which will inform their mode of presentations and understand the cultural and commercial requirements of as selected audience. Alongside their students will propose and undertake an exhibition or runway event to showcase and promote both their works and themselves and include cross environments and cross domain practice
  • BM9601
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Level 7
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2.1.Understand the values, methodologies and strategies which inform current professional practice in a selected domain
- Compare, analyse and evaluate selected texts /case studies identifying conventions relevant to specific contemporary practice.
- Research, analyse and incorporate negotiated criteria for self-directed projects.
- Develop and implement a strategy for the production of works.
- Evaluate self-practice and self -critical working process for developing and refining ideas.

2.2.Demonstrate knowledge and skills of event management and self-promotion
- Understand and apply event management principles
- Understand the strategic planning processes required for promotional events
- Recognise issues relating to management for an event in a public domain
- Develop an events management and promotion campaign for your selected works

2.3.Demonstrate knowledge of contemporary business practices and apply to your own self-promotion
- Through applied research consider and demonstrate a knowledge of the strategies used in conventional portfolio of works ad self-promotional concepts
- Develop a robust marketing proposal for sponsorship /funding to test in a professional domain
- Plan and implement a conventional professional presentation of works

2.4.Understand the values, methodologies and strategies which inform current professional practice in a selected domain
- Compare, analyse, and evaluate selected texts identifying issues relevant to a specific contemporary practice
- Analyse a selection of current works and identify the specific methods used in their production
- Compare significant changes in methods of practice and strategies for production relevant to a specific contemporary practice
- Develop and implement a strategy for the production of work which explicitly applies the analysis of values from a domain
- Evaluate self-practice using normative criteria derived from a current domain
- Plan and implement a conventional presentation of own works
- Develop critical synergies between representative texts, examples of work and self-practice

2.5.Understand the value of self-evaluation within the context of professional practice
- Demonstrate the ability to extend a brief with negotiated criteria
- Consider and reflect upon the relationship between an adopted process and the final product
- Continuously self-evaluate performances independent of institutional and industry assessment
- Participate in self/peer critiques and client reviews for on-going formative assessment
- Critically consider, discuss and document self and peer performances' for regular graded assessment
- Actively participate in and facilitate group and class critiques

3.1Project Planning
Project development
Articulation of a concept through design strategy
Selection of appropriate venue, concept and production methods
Collaborative approaches

3.2Business and Promotional plans
Sponsorship proposals
Policy and objectives
Integration of public promotion and marketing
Publicity material and associated distribution

3.3 Contextual Research
Contextual research into contemporary domain issues
Case studies and selected texts
Research strategies and reports

3.4. Communicating with a range of cultures
Content of interest to a Mori audience
New Zealand cultural identities
Content from at least one other culture
Modes of address appropriate to the audience
Teaching and Learning Strategy
Lecturer establishes themes and issues for analysis and discussion.
Lecturer constructs models for analysis and discussion of texts and visual works.
Students participate in dialogue and identify relevant themes from lectures and readings.
Students develop their understanding of issues explored in texts and visual works.
Students identify areas of interest that form the basis of an essay, research topic and presentation.
Lecturer negotiates topic, workload, and the form of the presentation with students.
Students participate in collaborative critiques.
Lecturer facilitates students' progress through structured exercises and supervision of regular self-assessment.
Graded assessment performed by self, peers, and tutor.
Assessment Criteria
To pass this module, students must complete and pass all assignments and accumulate an overall module mark of no less than 50