BMABT205 – Image, Text and Structure

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Image, Text and Structure
The purpose of this module is to provide contemporary art students with technical and media experience of digital video as experienced in fine art practice. The student will explore installation and time-based formats.
  • BM9601
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Level 6
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This module provides contemporary art students with experience in video/ installation practice in contemporary Art. Students explore relevant media and technique, developing practical projects founded in the recent work of selected visual artists.
Learning Outcomes
2.1Understand a process which advances the structured and reflective refinement of an artistic project
identify the problems and issues set in the course brief
complete self-directed research and reflect upon working processes
demonstrate the structured resolution of a process through the generation, regeneration, manipulation and refinement of ideas
discuss with peers and tutors the individual working process adopted
show evidence of independent and interdependent processes for working

2.3Develop an understanding of installation practice which manipulates the relationship between digital media, texts and sites
analyse the interrelated formal, material, temporal, spatial, contextual issues in Installation practice
apply the interrelated formal, material, temporal, spatial, contextual issues in Installation practice to own work
reflect critically on examples of video Installation

2.4Acquire knowledge of video production and editing acquisition and delivery procedures in relation to installation formats
use video camera to record, test and edit visual information
develop procedure and skill in the use of selected pre- and post-production software and technology
develop procedure and skill in the use of interactive technologies
negotiate the relationships between video image, sound, site and structures

2.5Understand the interrelationships between images, sounds, structures and bodies
Identify and test strategies for interactive engagements with video
Analyse issues related to oral and typographic modes of representation in video as related to Installation
test relationships between bodies, images and sounds and their means of interpretation

2.6 Understand relevant aspects of the critical discourse surrounding contemporary video / installation practice
produce analyses of selected works, relating relevant issues to own work
produce oral and written interpretations of and comparisons between selected works
develop and test rationales for self practice
conduct conventional presentations of outcomes

2.7Comprehend critical reflection and assessment
employ a vocabulary for describing work
write project objectives
actively participate in group and class critiques
consider and reflect upon self and peer design processes and decisions
participate in ongoing formative assessment
consider, discuss and document self and peer performances for graded assessment