BMA0R250 – Music Studies 3

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Music Studies 3
This module requires the student to synthesise their theoretical and practical musical knowledge whilst advancing their understanding of analysis of major and minor key harmony. The student will be assigned composition projects that emphasise the practical applicaton of theoretical knowledge. The skills acquired in this module will be developed and applied in concurrent and successive music modules and in a variety of interdisciplinary contexts.
  • BM9601
NZQA Level
Level 6
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Delivery method
  • Web-Enhanced
Learning hours
Directed hours
Self directed hours
Total learning hours
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Learning Outcomes
2.1Understand relevant aspects of the discourses and practices in contemporary music
produce written and oral analyses of selected texts, identifying relevant issues
review and write descriptions and analyses of selected texts
reflect critically upon relationships between representative texts, examples of work and self practice
produce oral and written interpretations of and comparisons between selected works
develop and test rationales for self practice
conduct conventional presentations of outcomes

2.2 Acquire understanding of contemporary harmony

2.3 Acquire knowledge of scales

2.4 Develop understanding of modulation

2.5 Develop knowledge of notation theory

2.6 Develop a basis for the practical application of music theory through ear training

2.7 Comprehend a process of graded assessment
employ a music vocabulary for describing work
demonstrate the integration of conceptual knowledge and practice
consider and reflect upon composition processes and decisions
participate in on-going formative assessment
consider, discuss and document self and peer performances for graded assessment
3.1 Chord scale theory

Advanced functional harmony

2 Chord Substitutions

3.3 Modulation
Modulation techniques

Complex notation symbols

3.5Contextual Research
Contextual research into contemporary domain values and constructs
Case studies and selected readings
Research strategies and reports
Teaching and Learning Strategy
Lecturer prescribes exercises that examine compositional issues and techniques.
Lecturer prescribes procedures for approaching problems in exercises.
Lecturer prescribes practical examples, students perform these examples.
Students initiate practice relating to the acquisition of musicianship skills.
Lecturer identifies problems with student's process within the above stages and proposes strategies for addressing these problems.
Students participate in formative assessment, lecturer provides format.
Lecturer performs graded assessment.
Assessment Criteria

Assignment 1 Harmony50
Assignment 2 Ear Training 50

To pass this module students must complete all assignments and accumulate
an overall module mark of no less than 50