BMA0R235B – Songwriting 1

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Songwriting 1
This module examines the compositional approaches and techniques available to the songwriter and explores a range of applications for songs in the commercial music industry. The student will examine song construction and the processes by which concepts are articulated verbally and musically as well as examining the formal and narrative relationship between music and text.
  • BM9601
NZQA Level
Level 6
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  • Web-Enhanced
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Learning Outcomes

2.1 Understand relevant aspects of the discourses and practices in contemporary music

- produce written and oral analyses of selected texts, identifying relevant issues
- review and write descriptions and analyses of selected texts
- reflect critically upon relationships between representative texts, examples of work and self practice
- produce oral and written interpretations of and comparisons between selected works
- develop and test rationales for self practice
- conduct conventional presentations of outcomes

2.2 Understand a particular range of techniques, methods, and approaches used by recognised songwriters
- analyse and produce a series of songs in which a range of techniques and methods are tested and controlled

2.3 Acquire a practical knowledge of conventional compositional devices relating to particular songs
- demonstrate an ability to control conventional harmonic, melodic and rhythmic devices
- demonstrate an ability to control conventional verse, rhyme and rhythmic devices
- research and analyseexamine specific song forms as a means of generating ideas
- apply knowledge of style to the composition of a diverse range of songs

2.4 Acquire extensive knowledge in music composition techniques
- control composition technique and procedure in song writing practice

2.5 Acquire extensive knowledge in lyric composition techniques
- control composition technique and procedure in lyric writing practice

2.6 Recognise the relationship between music and lyric content in songs
- analyse and discuss the relationship between music and lyric in selected songs

2.7 Comprehend the process for graded assessment
- employ a vocabulary for describing work
- actively participate in group and class critiques
- consider and reflect upon self and peer composition process and decisions
- participate in ongoing formative assessment
- consider, discuss and document self and peer performances for graded assessment

3.1Lyric Writing
Creative writing

3.2Song structures

3.3 Melody/harmony relationships
Motivic development techniques
Harmonic and melodic rhythm
Modal considerations

3.4 Song research
Case studies
Song analysis
Teaching and Learning Strategy
Students examine issues of form and technique through exercises and project briefs prescribed by lecturer.
Students research content for their own assignments.
Students adopt structure prescribed by lecturer for working through projects.
Students adopt procedures prescribed by lecturer, students identify specific questions within those topics.
Students participate in informal presentations of their work.
Students participate in formative assessment according to criteria set by lecturer.
Students receive feedback on their performance through graded assessment performed by lecturer.
Assessment Criteria
To pass this module students must complete all assignments and accumulate
an overall module mark of no less than 50