BMA0R102 – Introduction to Music

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Introduction to Music
The purpose of this module is to introduce to the student the fundamental skills required to realise specific applied outcomes. The student will identify and apply notation elements and music instrument skills to acquire a contextual basis for their own musical development. The skills learned from the foundation of all projects in concurrent and successive music modules.
  • BM9601
NZQA Level
Level 5
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Assessment Criteria
To pass this module students must complete all assignments and accumulate an overall module mark of no less than 50.

1)Attendance requirements of the School of Media Arts must be observed.
2)If you wish to be assessed in Maori, please inform staff at the beginning of the module so that processes can be put in place to manage this in a timely fashion.
History of traditional and non traditional systems
Basic elements of notation and the staff
Basic elements of graphical representation

3.2 Score Publishing
Formats of presentation
Current technology

3.3 Instrument Practice Skills
Piano Keyboard
Learning Outcomes
2.1 Understand selected discourses and practices and their relevance to music
- produce written comparisons and analyses of selected texts
- produce oral and written descriptions of self practice
- use conventional forms of writing to analyse texts
- participate in conventional presentations of outcomes
- test the use of selected methods in the production of works

2.2 Develop a process which systematically explores problems in music notation
- practice, discuss, interpret music briefs
- complete directed practice and set assignments
- demonstrate a systematic process for the generation, development and integration of ideas in music practice and theory

2.3 Acquire knowledge of the fundamentals of music notation
- use standard current notation symbols
- practice the fundamental technique for drawing clear and accurate manuscript style music symbols
- identify and employ graphic notation devices to express a range of musical ideas
- explore shorthand methods of articulating chord structures and lead sheets

2.4Develop technical understanding and skill in the use of score publishing systems
- examine the basic concepts of technology and its application
- demonstrate the ability to produce a publishable quality score
- participate in formative assessment.

2.5Understand and develop practical music instrument skills
- develop traditional methods for articulating the elements of music
- develop idiomatic practice techniques for music instrument proficiency

2.6Understand assessment methodology within the context of an educational institution
- develop a vocabulary for describing fundamental music skills
-demonstrate the ability to interpret and analyse objectives
- participate in group and class critiques
- participate in class workshops and group discussions
- be involved in formative assessment