BMA0F365 – Advanced Screenwriting

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Advanced Screenwriting
In this module the student will complete assignments which extend their exisitng knowledge of Screenwirting. The module provides the oppotunity for the student to particularly develop scripts within the practices of the international film and television industries.
  • BM9601
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Level 7
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  • Web-Enhanced
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Learning Outcomes
Understand a design process which integrates cognitive, practical and communication skills
discuss, identify and evaluate the situations and issues set in the assignment brief
research, analyse and incorporate negotiated criteria for self-directed contracts
utilise a design process which demonstrates the self-reflected development and refinement of ideas
show evidence of drawing together and applying the skills and knowledge gathered from previous and concurrent courses
adopt independent and interdependent design processes

2.2Acquire a practical understanding of the screenwriting process
demonstrate knowledge of the terminology used by the industry specific to writing
develop an understanding of how the industry develops story ideas utilising synopses, outlines, treatments and screenplays
demonstrate knowledge of formats
appreciate the function of a script as a piece of technology

2.3Understand the bases of dramatic conflict
develop strategies for identifying characters in conflict
demonstrate an appreciation of how story structure enables characters' stories to be extended in time
demonstrate an appreciation of the need for a controlling idea around which the story's various conflicts are centred
develop a personal area of dramatic interest

2.4Develop writing skills
explore stories' dramatic possibilities through the use of outlines and treatments
develop an ability to write in screenplay language and style
demonstrate an understanding of the screenplay as a specialised form of story-telling

2.5Story development
demonstrate an understanding that structure is integral to story.
demonstrate an understanding of a range of conventions and techniques that drive the story.
explore story-telling through developing personal story ideas

2.6Industry project pitching and development
understand how projects are developed in the industry
develop skills for orally pitching a story idea
develop critical skills relevant to story analysis and development
demonstrate an ability to apply critiques to writing projects

2.7Understand an evaluation of process within the context of professional practice
employ a vocabulary appropriate for critiquing work
actively participate in group and class critiques
develop the ability to evaluate 'success' and 'failure' of stories within the industry context
develop an ability to self-evaluate projects independent of institutional assessments

2.8Understand the values, methodologies and strategies which inform current professional practice in moving image
compare, analyse, and evaluate selected texts identifying issues relevant to a specific contemporary practice
analyse a selection of current works and identify the specific methods used in their production
compare significant changes in methods of practice and strategies for production relevant to a specific contemporary practice
develop and implement a strategy for the production of work which explicitly applies the analysis of values from a domain
evaluate self practice using normative criteria derived from a current domain
plan and implement a conventional presentation of own works
develop critical synergies between representative texts, examples of work and self practice
3.1Assignment one - writing a short film script

Identifying dramatic conflict: film viewing and analysis.
Understanding how dramtic story-telling applies to a short film.
Concept development: industry procedures.
Narrative & Non-Narrative structures.
Synopsis, outline, treatment.
Screenplays: style, language and form.

3.2Assignment two - open assignment

Negotiate writing assignment for short film script with tutor.
Assessment Criteria
To pass this course, students must pass all assignments and accumulate an overall course mark of no less than 50