International Short Courses

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Developing the skills of your workforce is critical to the success and productivity of your business. Having access to accredited training tailored specifically to the issues and opportunities you face, is the secret to differentiating organisational capability development. Wintec's training courses are a mix of tried and true, quality assured academic programmes and expert vocational trainers,and consultative service that blends modules of education into affordable short course training solutions which fit your workforce.

International Development is a part of Wintec that specialises in providing bespoke short course training programmes as a response to specified customer needs. Our consultants identify your desired learning outcomes and provide solutions from Wintec's industry trained specialists who know how to build capability in your field.

We can arrange courses to train the workforce or the trainers in your organisation. Length, content and delivery of the training are all aspects that can be designed to meet your specific requirements.

Your training solution can be developed from a diverse range of disciplines. Wintec is a leading New Zealand education provider, backed by the NZ government and with expertise in a wide range of vocational fields. We are experienced in developing technologists for industries like engineering, energy, trades and agriculture, and professionals for the creative, health, education, sport and business worlds. If Wintec doesn't have the in-house expertise, our consultants work with our partner Universities to outsource components of your training.

The bespoke solutions don't stop at Short Courses. Wintec can arrange a full New Zealand experience and mentoring in western culture.


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