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Future You

About these tools

A set of tools and resources that will help you when thinking about a future career.

Holland's Theory

Our job-discovery tool uses the Holland's Theory to match you with job options that are likely to suit your personality type.

The theory classifies people by how they like to work – and most people are a combination of several of the groups below.

Realistic (Doers)

Have athletic or mechanical ability, prefer to work with objects, machines, tools, plants or animals, or to be outdoors.

Explore realistic careers

Investigative (Thinkers)

Like to observe, learn, investigate, analyse, evaluate and / or solve problems. Often interested in activities related to science and math.

Explore investigative careers

Artistic (Creators)

Have creative, artistic, or intuitional abilities and like to work in situations using their imagination and creativity.

Explore artistic careers

Like to work with people to teach, inform, help, train, or cure them, or are skilled with words.

Explore social careers

Enterprising (Persuaders)

Like to work with people, influencing, persuading, leading or managing them for business success.

Explore enterprising careers

Conventional (Organisers)

Like to work with data and activities requiring administration or numerical ability, attention to detail, accuracy and organisational skills.

Explore conventional careers

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