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How does it work?

The Waikato Trades Academy (WTA) is funded by the New Zealand Government to provide secondary students the opportunity to study at both school and Wintec. As a WTA student, you take the Wintec programme of your choice alongside your school subjects, and travel to Wintec for practical, hands on learning, typically one day a week, plus a block course.

Transport to Wintec is coordinated by the WTA and your school. The cost of transport over and above your usual transport to school is funded by the Ministry of Education.

The WTA programmes are fee free; there will be no extra cost to you for your course or for transport.

Year 10

You will be studying full time at secondary school.

  • Check out the STAR Experiences to explore careers of interest
  • Start talking to your careers advisor, technology teacher or dean about WTA

Year 11 or 12

You can start studying at the WTA. You will choose one of the available Vocational Pathways from our Vocational Pathways wheel.

  • In year one we will provide you with a broad introduction to your chosen Vocational Pathway
  • You will attend Wintec between 28 and 34 days during the year
  • While studying at the WTA you can achieve 25 - 37 credits towards NCEA Level 2

Year 12 or 13

You will continue your secondary school studies and your second year of WTA.

  • You will specialise in one career pathway
  • You will attend Wintec between 30 and 34 days during the year
  • You will study at Level 2 or 3 and gain between 26 and 34 credits towards your chosen career pathway
  • This year will include some self-directed learning
  • Some programmes may include work experience in industry

Graduating from WTA

After completing the two year WTA programme you may:

  • Achieve NCEA Level 2 or 3 at school, with a Vocational Pathway Award
  • Follow previous WTA students into higher level study at Wintec, or have the skills to move into an apprenticeship or employment