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Certificate in Educational Achievement in Exercise Science (Level 3)

About the programme

Sport and exercise science is the application of scientific principles to how humans' function in sport, health, fitness, wellbeing and performance. You will learn about sport and exercise topics such as anatomy and physiology, wellness, mental health wellbeing, human behaviour, exercise and nutrition. The practical components to this programming will enable you to understand the science behind how the body works. This is more than just sport!

Vocational pathway: Service sector

Programme code: VP0021

Programme modules: Exercise Science

NCEA level: Level 3

Criteria: Students enrolled in the WTA must still attend secondary school and keep up with normal school work. The unit standards achieved at the WTA will count towards NCEA Level 1, 2 or 3.​

Number of credits: 34 ​​

Duration of programme: 32 weeks, February to November

Programme structure: 1 day per week (8.30am - 3pm) during the school term

Location: Wintec Rotokauri Campus, 51 Akoranga Rd, Hamilton

Cost: Free to the student

Transport: To be arranged with your school and covered by WTA (if applicable)

Further details: Waikato Trades Academy or

Contacts: You must enrol through your school. Please see your careers advisor.

Please note this programme is pending external approval.

Programme content

Unit StandardTitleVersionLevelCreditsWintec code

Anatomy and Physiology


Anatomical Structures and Physiological responses to exercise 


Micro and Macro nutrients and nutritional imbalances


Work professionally and safely as an exercise instructor


Exercise Programmes, principles, components and adherence 

 Total NZQA Credits  34