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Entry Level Year 11 and above.
Duration1 Day
Time8:45am – 3:00pm
LocationCity Campus / Hub
Total Cost $57.00 (GST Inc.) per student
DatesNot available in 2017


What's it all about?

Do you like food?  Do you like being outside? In our world of science at Wintec, we love investigating the things around us and there are two major areas that are important to us: the food we put into our bodies and the environment we live in. The science STAR course is a great opportunity to explore the puzzles of food and environmental science with fun, hands on experiments and will help you discover the great applications that Wintec science has on offer.

  • Get outdoors:  conduct experiments in the field and collect specimens
  • Take a closer look:  investigate microbes and insects under the microscope to investigate their impact on the environment
  • Change colours:  get a look at how colours are used as food additivies and their impact on sensory perception
  • Make gummy worms:  by using amazing food chemistry (molecular gastronomy) techniques
  • Dissect something squishy:  just what we dissect is a surprise on the day! 

What to bring / wear?

Safety standards require students to wear:

  • Enclosed footwear (jandals are not permitted)
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Laboratory books, lab coats and all laboratory equipment will be provided
  • NOTE:  We will require student names prior to the course. 

Ready to book

Students - please talk to your careers advisor as you need to book through your school

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