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Rock Climbing

Entry LevelPhysically fit, bold at heart.
Duration1 day
Time8.45am – 3.00pm
LocationRotokauri Campus Hub
Total Cost $110 per student
DatesPlease email if you would like to set up a date in 2020 for the above STAR course.






Experience rock climbing



What's it all about?

Today's adventure is rock climbing! We will teach spotting and belay techniques before attempting progressively more difficult climbs. These will be matched to the confidence and ability of the participants. It is possible that some abseiling will be offered if conditions permit.

Star experiences longer than 1 day in duration or includes Unit Standards

A student must attend on the first day. If they do not, they cannot continue with the course (this is due to staffing resource and the time it requires to catch students up). Your school will be invoiced on the number of students booked to attend.

What to bring/wear?

You will need:

  • Activewear
  • Sunscreen
  • Morning tea, lunch and a drink

Wintec will provide:

  • Helmets and harnesses
  • Climbing shoes
  • Transport to and from the venue

Ready to book

Students - please talk to your Careers Advisor as you need to book through your school.

Please Note:
If your students wish to be booked into a STAR offering Unit Standards a copy of the KAMAR print out for ID and proof of NSN number MUST be scanned through to or

Careers advisors please go to the Booking Form to book