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Careers Advisors Launchpad

Welcome to the Careers Advisors Launchpad. Here you'll find useful information to help your students make the right decisions about tertiary study and future career pathways.

Our programmes are categorised according to the Vocational Pathway model created by the Ministry of Education which is intended to provide “a clear framework for vocational options, support better programme design and careers advice, and improve the links between education and employment”.

Secondary students must book our programmes through you; if you have interested students but your school has not sent students to us before we would love to hear from you.


There are a range of short, experience based programmes aimed at helping secondary students decide which Vocational Pathway is for them. We can also organise something special for your students, either at school or at Wintec.


Short Term Study

There are also short courses and online courses which students can use to supplement their school learning. They can achieve a particular skill and some NCEA credits, or study in conjunction with a particular school subject.


Secondary Tertiary Partnerships

The Waikato Trades Academy runs 1 and 2 year programmes in a dual enrolment situation. Students attend one day a week, sometimes with a block course as well, while still attending school. The aim is to provide students with specific, industry relevant training, as well as NCEA credits, all while keeping them at school.


Eligibility for Waikato Trades Academy

Each secondary school is at liberty to set their own entry criteria for the year one WTA programmes. Some schools use the program to help engage particular students, while others send those who are super motivated and looking for a head start in their chosen field. All enrolled students must continue at school while also attending the WTA; we’ve found that the WTA can have a positive impact on school attendance and achievement.

Our year two programmes have their own entry criteria based on year one performance.

Higher Pathways

Click on any of the Vocational Pathways below to see a flow chart showing the various routes students can take through Wintec towards a career of their choice. This process can start while students are still at secondary school. You can then select any link on the flow chart for details and information about a particular programme.


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