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Deciding what you want to be or do after school can be scary. At Wintec, we talk to students every day who are dealing with this challenge, and we have developed a range of resources and programmes below to help you make the big decisions.

Explore the options below to discover our resources. 


Use our Future You tool to discover what job or career could be right for you, and which programmes of study can take you there.

Experience what a job or programme could be like at one of our STAR taster courses.

Study trades and gain qualifications at Wintec while you are still at high school.

Spend a day being a student at Wintec.

Find out if hospitality or cookery could be a career for you.

For those 16-19 ready to leave school, you may be eligible to study one of our foundation courses for free.

Take a tour of our campus and facilities.

We have regular information sessions, taster days and other events. Check out what's available and book in.

Choosing your school subjects

So it is time to choose your subjects, and like many people across the country, the endless options can give you a headache. Do not stress; you are not alone and have plenty of options. If you are a few years off finishing school, try keeping your subjects as broad as possible. If you can, we recommend studying maths, English and science to keep your options open as you move closer towards study after high school.

If you realise in your final year of school that you have not taken all the subjects you need to get into the course you want to do, do not panic. Talk to the Careers Advisor at school, or contact our Wintec recruitment team to discuss what your options are.

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Upcoming Events

What Do Ceramics Want? | Ramp Gallery

What Do Ceramics Want
Introducing Ramp Gallery's next exhibition, What Do Ceramics Want?; a unique viewing which seeks to explore the different contemporary approaches to ceramic production in Aotearoa.

Opening Preview: Wednesday 28 April 2021
Time: 4.30pm
Where: Ramp Gallery

Exhibition: Wednesday 28 April - Friday 21 May 2021

Curated by curator and writer Richard Fahey.

What Do Ceramics Want? focuses on the contrasting and ever-changing role of ceramic production through time - including a light-hearted allusion to its failures and how each ceramic comes with its own whakapapa.

This exhibition runs from the Wednesday 28 April to Friday 21 May 2021, so gather your friends and whānau and enter the world of ceramics.

Ramp Gallery is free to attend and open to visitors every Thursday and Friday (9:30am-3:30 pm) or by appointment.