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Ready to get your career going after your OE?

If you chose to go off on your OE after high school, you might feel a bit behind if all your friends are already studying.

Wintec's range of courses are a great way to get on track to a great career.

If you spent your OE working, our Headstart programme​ might be worth considering. Depending on what you want to study, you might be able to credit relevant work skills and knowledge towards your qualification. Email for more information.

You might already have an idea about what you want to do. If not, check out the Careers NZ Quiz​ to figure out what sort of career might suit you.

Whatever you end up choosing, you'll be getting the skills and knowledge employers are looking for – all our courses are developed alongside Waikato employers.

If you're concerned about finance, we also offer scholarships and grants to help you get started.  ​

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