Ramp Gallery with exhibition set up

Ramp Gallery

Ramp is our contemporary public art gallery

Ramp Gallery, located in the heart of Hamilton City at Wintec School of Media Arts, runs a curated programme of exhibitions showing work from New Zealand and International artists. The Gallery is proudly a Wintec space.

How can Ramp Gallery help your secondary school programme?

Ramp has an education and public programme running alongside each exhibition with artist talks, open panels and film screenings happening through the year.

We're open to ideas about school visits incorporating a tour of the gallery with a space to complete a learning activity afterwards.

What subject areas would benefit from a Ramp Gallery experience?

Art, Design, English, Media Studies and Technology. You can use Ramp Gallery as a starting point for a writing project, a photography assignment or an analysis exercise. We're happy to accommodate your teaching and learning ideas.

How can Ramp Gallery content become your classroom resources?

The curated gallery website is frequently updated with videos, essays and photography. Lots of content for lesson ideas:

  • Video (excellent to combine with an essay for a reading activity).
  • Essay reading.
  • Reinterpreting essays as a graphic design exercise.
  • Artist model research.
  • Gallery tour and visit.

Find the Ramp Gallery website here.

How we make it easy for you

We can offer complimentary parking just outside making it easier for schools travelling in vans.



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