The Creative Industries Project module is a new initiative being launched in 2016. The module brings together students from different disciplines for a full year to work on projects under the theme 'Activate the City'

"Through Media Arts many students establish contacts and professional networks which lead to employment even before they graduate."

The Fieldays Exhibitor is a full-colour newspaper produced to tight daily deadlines by senior students in journalism, graphic design, and photography. Fieldays ExibitorThe Exhibitor is produced by 4pm on each day of the annual National Agricultural Fieldays. It is printed overnight and distributed by 7am to more than 1,000 exhibitors based at Mystery Creek, the current home of the biggest agricultural trade fair in the Southern Hemisphere. Students working on the newspaper are given full media rights for the event and use the same facilities as professional journalists. Past editions of the Exhibitor are availabl​e on the                           

A Creative Industries Project module will be trialled in 2016, allowing student from different disciplines to work together over a full year on a large scale project.​​


A book put together by Media Arts staff and students records the journeys of 18 migrants who now live in Hamilton, but were born outside New Zealand​. The New Wave: Hamilton’s Migrant Community, looks at the growing diversity of Hamilton’s population.  While 70 percent of Hamilton is broadly defined as European, and 20 percent as Māori and Pasifika, there are also citizens from 160 ethnic backgrounds. Journalism tutor Charles Riddle says it is this last 10 percent of the city's population that is fascinatingly diverse and makes for interesting reading. Around 15 students worked on the publication under the expert guidance of editor in residence Aimie Cronin. The project team also worked closely with the Hamilton Migrant Centre and the Hamilton City Council. The book is the first phase in a two-year project which will culminate with an exhibition in the Waikato Museum.

Moving Image student produce a multicamera production making live videos for local bands. Click here to view on Vimeo»

Your study in Media Arts will frequently ​be project driven and involve collaboration with students from outside your field.