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Stefanie Young

Stefanie Young

Senior Academic Staff Member
Contemporary art (photo), postgraduate supervisor

Contact info

07 834 8800 e​​​​xtn. 8531
P Block, corner of Collingwood and Tristram, Hamilton




Areas of expertise

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Research activity

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What do you enjoy about teaching/your job?

Being able to energise and support students to realise their potentials, and be part of that education process where they find a sense of pride and purpose in their skill set, and what they can achieve and create. The interpersonal connections with other creative educators, to share philosophical and individual experiences and ideas, and to collaborate on projects that have interest and importance to my practice. As a post graduate supervisor for Honours and Masters students across disciplines, I also get to be involved with different levels of student practice.

What do you love about your area?

Photography is a wonderfully hybrid creative area of both art and science – lending itself to the empirical ability to document our worlds with a currency of place and politics, but also the creative ability to experience and express ourselves in an industry of visual communication. These abilities, are what gives a student the edge in a competitive visual market where the photographic image still reigns supreme – so to enable students to be able to use the variables of their craft to create images that can impact in the world is very satisfying. Collaborative projects with journalism and design students enhance their discipline skills as they work together on producing projects such as: Fielday's online publication, The New Wave – Hamilton’s Migrant Community.

Tell us about your experience in the industry

Stefanie graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts from AUT (Auckland, NZ) in 1995, and received an MFA with distinction from Pratt Institute (New York, USA), 2000. Stefanie has won awards for both photographic practice and research: Emerging Research Award – Wintec Employee Awards; Circle Award (top GPA score MFA) – Pratt Institute, New York; Tuscany Scholarship (residency), NYC, USA; and the Bob Keane Memorial Scholarship. 

Since returning to New Zealand, she has taught at Unitec School of Art and Design in Auckland, and Elam School of Fine Arts before joining the staff and students at Wintec, Hamilton, in 2005.

What keeps you busy outside of Media Arts?

My main practice as an artist sees me travelling regularly on photographic road trips to see things and experience that particular place at that particular time.  I am more interested in photographing identities of place rather than people. I continue to exhibit nationally and internationally with my primary practice involving photography and painting to engage with issues of perception, representation and ways of seeing. All manner of arts, music, conferences, conversations with other people of interest all add to a richly diverse and inspirational environment. I also love travelling in general – big world out there.

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