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Hollie Tawhiao

Ramp Gallery Manager

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  • BFA (Hons)
  • PGDip Museum Studies
  • Project Manager Cert level IV

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What do you enjoy about teaching/your job?

My job is great because it allows me to pander to my curiosity and creativity as well as my love of structure, order and efficiency. I enjoy variety, variety of perspectives, experiences, concepts, beliefs, and narratives. I also enjoy helping people express themselves through their work

I enjoy helping people be heard and achieve their goals and vision. This job is where I can do that.

What do you love about your area?

My “area” is producing art (let’s not dive too deep into this can of worms). And what I love about it is ‘the potential’ within the creating. Therefore, what I love about working in a gallery is that it is such a dynamic space in which a multitude of events can be experienced/shown/created. The fluidity of how it can be utilised intrigues me. Plus, creative and curious people are just the most interesting to be around.

Tell us about your experience in the industry

I’ve been working in the cultural storytelling space since 2010, 2009 if you count some early illustration works, with a collective called TRWOT where I was Creative Director. I then decided I wanted to work in the GLAM sector and gained my PGDiP in Museum Studies, gaining experience by volunteering with Aratoi Museum, Auckland Museum, and Waikato University collections. It was at Waikato University I gained most of my curatorial experience while I also worked full time as the Project Manager for a virtual guided trail app with Arataki Systems. I am also a practicing artist, one of my pieces is currently touring with the Kiingi Tuheitia Portraiture Awards and another is to be shown in the upcoming Kotahitanga exhibition at the Gallagher Academy for Performing Arts. I also love to write and have written a review which will appear in the 2021 issue of the international journal Museum Worlds.

What keeps you busy outside of Media Arts?

What keeps me busy are the many goals I want to achieve. I would like to begin my Master of Arts this year and move onto a PhD.

I am constantly creating, learning, and experimenting and to keep the creativity flowing I like to jog while listening to ridiculous podcasts. This resets my brain and allows me to approach my work with new eyes.

I will always have something on the go, but the main thing is my kids. It may sound cliche, but they monopolise my time. Which I do not mind, because they are hilarious!

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