Luke McConnell​​

Senior Academic Staff Member               

Programme Coordinator - Graphic and Digital Design

Qualifications: BMA (Visual Arts), CATE


Office: R Block, Collingwood St

07 834 8800 ​​​​x 3224​

 Luke McConnell is a senior lecturer in the School fo Media Arts, specialising in graphic and digital design. He is also the Programme Coordinator for the Graphic & Digital Design pathway.

Luke enjoys working with students who have a passion for design. "I see value in collaborating with talented people from other disciplines to create multifaceted work."

Areas of expertise

Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, 3D Animation.​


Industry experience, affiliations and achievements


Luke has previously worked as an Inhouse Graphic Designer at Gallagher Group Ltd. He also owned and ran his own business, Remark Design Studio. He began teaching in the School of Media Arts in 2009.


Luke is currently working on research projects that focus on the manipulation of light and shadows. "Light is a constant and acts in a predicable way. As we experience the way light and shadows interact we develop an understanding and an expectation. When light and shadows are manipulated outside of these expectations a great amount of intrigue and curiosity occurs. We hope to make sense of what we are seeing in a rational way." His latest project UMBRA is both an installation and performance piece, which employs the use of 3D projected lighting and shadows to create illusions of light. This work sits within the Media Arts research theme of ‘transformation’. Highlights: Survey Hamilton Project (Waikato Museum, 2015) Liquid Architecture Sound Art Festival AV Performances (Melbourne, 2013)                

​Highlights: Survey Hamilton Project (Waikato Museum, 2015) Liquid Architecture Sound Art Festival AV Performances (Melbourne, 2013)        ​

Research at the School of Media Arts​

The School of Media Arts operates across a rich range of applied media practice and theory; graphic design, digital design, contemporary art, photography, moving image, creative writing, interior design, fashion design, music, journalism, public relations and advertising. The breadth of the school’s applied and academic knowledge, combined with a growing postgraduate programme and industry/community engagement offers a unique platform for a productive research culture.