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Denise Wilson

Senior Academic Staff Member

(Floristry programme coordinator)

Denise Wilson has been activity involved with floristry since 1966 and during this time has gained her NZPF (New Zealand Professional Florists Inc.) Diploma and Master Florist qualifications. Denise ran her own floristry business from 1982 – 1999 in Te Awamutu. Denise has worked for Wintec since 1989 part-time and full-time since 2000 and she has followed the programme’s development through to the full-time programme as it is known today.  

Denise helped develop the first NZQA floristry units and she was involved in the recent TRoQ Working Groups to develop the new National Qualification in Floristry.  

Denise has been an active member of NZPF throughout her floristry career and has held all positions on the Executive Committee. As NZPF Assessment Co-ordinator she was responsible for overseeing all industry assessments throughout the country and has written numerous Level 3, 4 and Diploma papers. She was also responsible for the NZPF Trainee Assessors working towards their Accredited Assessor and Master Florist qualifications. Denise was presented the NZPF Life membership November 2015. 

Education and Credentials 
Denise went through her schooling in Te Awamutu and Christchurch. After leaving school she went into a floristry business under Les Finch and started her floristry training.  

NZPF Diploma 1983 
NZPF Accredited Assessor 1989 
Unit 4098; 4099 Moderator 1997 
CALT 2003 
Master Florist 2005 
NZCALE 2006 
Interflora Accredited Judge 2014 
New Zealand Professional Florists Inc. (NZPF) 
Interflora Pacific Unit Inc. (Retired member) 
Wintec Floristry Co-ordinator 1999  to present day 

Notable Achievements 
Interflora Pacific Unit District 3 Designer of the Year Finalist 1983 
Interflora Pacific Unit District 3 Designer of the Year Finalist 1985 
Elleslie Flower Show Judge 1996 
Interflora Pacific Unit Executive Member 1999 -  2001 
Interflora and NZPF Demonstrator throughout New Zealand 1983 - 2005 
NZPF President 1996 – 1997 
NZPF Assessment Co-ordinator 2008 - 2010 
National Flora Flora Professional Florist Winner 2002 
Worldskills Shop Master 2014, 2015 

Denise is the Wintec Floristry Programme Co-ordinator and is passionate about her career and passing on her knowledge to her students. Denise is currently working on a review of the NZPF qualifications and how they can best be delivered to students today. 
Denise Wilson lives in Te Awamutu, Waikato.