Research Themes

To remain competitive in today’s domestic and global market, businesses and organisations often require research into new product development or innovations, or need to address problems that can’t be resourced in-house or solved by a short consultancy contract.

A registered theme describes such a requirement. It can’t be business as usual and the CRAI team will work with you to determine, whether it is suitable for a Masters project. 

Current themes and projects open for registration of student interest are:


Some examples of projects we would support include:

  • Primary industry bio-social initiatives
  • Global food security
  • Reuse of industry waste
  • Additive (3D) and low waste manufacturing
  • Low-impact building
  • Sensor-based building monitoring
  • Energy sufficiency

Business Design & Solutions

Some examples of projects we would support include:

  • Business and operational models
  • Product and industrial engineering
  • Process modelling and simulation
  • Logistics - solutions in value and supply chain

Future of Health & Science

Some examples of projects we would support include:

  • Wearable applications and their impact on healthcare services
  • The impact of Big Data on remote health support
  • Innovation in health for rural communities
  • Behavioural change through sensor-based services
  • Innovative drug delivery materials and methods
  • Aging workforce and elderly care

Global Social Challenges

Some examples of projects we would support include:

  • Cross-cultural and communications challenges in integration and migration work
  • Impact of cultural diversity on the workplaceFuture of education, learning and work
  • Exporting and transferring innovation practices in businesses
  • Internationalisation initiatives and global best practice

Emerging Digital Worlds

Some examples of projects we would support include:

  • Security in the digital age
  • Impact of social media on social fabric
  • Migration and integration challenges in business practices
  • Augmented realities

For prospective students:

If you are interested in and can bring expertise to any of these registered themes and projects in industry and community, then we would really like to hear from you! Please contact us via


For industry and community:

If you have a project idea, that is not business as usual and can fit into one of the current themes or is a new theme, please contact us. We will help you define the project and match the prospective student with a supervisor. Please contact us via
We look forward to discussing possible research projects with you!