Research Facilities

Advanced Sustainability Research Facility (ASV) (Gert Hattingh)

The Advanced Sustainability Research Facility focuses on research in the domestic and small business sustainability space. The aim is to improve sustainability practices for end-users on a national scale, without the need for consumers to make major changes in their lifestyle choices. This can include both technology and behaviour change. A unique capability is that we can test the sustainability performance of products and materials in real world settings.

To that effect, some of the research is done on sites where customers require the service, work is also done at the Eco Village site on the Wintec Rotokauri Campus. The Eco Village site contains five houses which are occupied by students and where dedicated technology evaluation can be done in a domestic setting. These houses have been fitted with a large number of sensors, and are available for technology evaluation on request.

The core capabilities of the Research Facility include the ability to design scientific experiments, build and use specialist sensor networks, collect large amounts of data and information, and evaluate, visualise, and draw valid conclusions from the data. Our work is supported by a range of industry standard and calibrated instrumentation. These include:

  • A high end infrared camera with different lenses
  • Cavity inspections (boroscope)
  • Calibrated sound monitors
  • ISO calibrated CO2 monitors
  • Radio Frequency measurements (i.e. mobile phone emissions)
  • Air movement meters
  • Calibrated Lux sensors
  • The ability to make use of a large range of commercially available sensors
  • A small electronics engineering laboratory
  • Specialist software to analyse data
  • Ability to perform agent based simulation.

Each project is closely scrutinised to identify the skills and equipment required to perform to the highest standard, and if required, additional resources are sourced either nationally or through our international collaborators.

We have undertaken a number of successful projects for companies including EECA, Rheem, Wel Networks, Natural insulation, and Solscape.

ASV and IDDEPS have recently been amalgamated into one facility to enable the completion of more comprehensive research projects.

Sensors diagram for transdisciplinary research

​​​Chemistry Research Facility (DR Pierson Rathinaraj)

At the chemistry research facility (CRF) we develop the interface of surface-modified nanoparticles with cancer cells to attain, characterise, and develop drug internalization for specific cellular systems. Our work empowers the Centre for Research and Applied Innovation's vision for a Learning Health System by transforming biomedical data into actionable insights for decision making. Our research progresses the latest bio-sensor technology, anti-oxidant extraction, and the modelling of biomedical systems to benefit clinical and translational research.

Agritec (DR Debbie Care)

The Agritec Centre at Tokanui is a partnership of five key organizations in the agricultural sector and was established to respond to industry concerns about insufficient students entering science, engineering or technology degree programmes, with the risk that New Zealand may lose important research and engineering capability in the land-based industries

​Wintec, AgResearch, Agriculture ITO, Waikato Innovation Park and the Coalition of 21st Century Secondary Schools collaborated to build this unique education and research facility. Opened in March 2010, the Agritec Centre was funded through an establishment grant from the Tertiary Education Commission, backed by investment from both Wintec and AgResearch into the purpose built learning centre.

Developing Just in Time applications for knowledge/learning while on the farm and app technology is just one example of real-world solutions born out of Wintec’s wider research and development programme.

4 Good Research Facility (Lotta Bryant)

The facility utilises social initiatives for community transformation, on both a national and international scale. It is strongly based on partnering with willing communities and providing holistic care. We consider all the aspects that form a THRIVING community.​

4Good diagram - invented, developed, informed, connected & global

We work with rural and remote communities to identify their Vision and create strategies for all to thrive, particularly for youth and the elderly.

The Research Facility 4 Good will work on any project that can positively affect communities and make a difference for good in the world drawing on the skills, capabilities and innovations we have available to us including collaborations with other Wintec Research Facilities and International expertise.

Industrial Design, Design Engineering, Process And Logistics (IDDEPS) (Gert Hattingh and DR Henk Roodt)

​Industrial design, design engineering, process and logistics (IDDEPS) (Gert Hattingh and Dr Henk Roodt)

This is an integrative research facility in Industrial Design, Design Engineering and Process Simulation and includes Logistics. The research facility is designed to support business, regionally and nationally, by developing prototypes and designs. It focuses on action and design research which will deliver solutions such as objects or devices and services in the industrial clusters.

The facility has advanced additive manufacturing (3D Printing) equipment which is the only one of its kind in New Zealand. It uses a range of high quality materials, including materials that are stable at high temperatures and can produce low volume industry usable products and high end prototypes. This capability is available to industry to develop new prototypes as collaborative or contracted applied research initiatives.