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15th - 18th of June, 2016: CeTRI at Fieldays

Come and visit us at Fieldays. We will be showcasing a number of agricultural-related research projects.

Transdisciplinary research display at Fieldays

Transdisciplinary research display at Fieldays

The first is a project with Beef + Lamb New Zealand and the Waikato River Authority which involves putting Wintec-developed sensing technologies on farms. The aim is to understand links between land practices and water quality and to therefore determine how practices could be modified to improve water quality.

The second is a project with a Northland-based printing company aimed at finding a non-toxic commercially available starch that could be used in the printing materials for the agricultural industry. This ink is in the development phase and samples will be available on the day.

Another exhibit is an interactive software platform that allows users to change variables on the farm (eg increase herd size, decrease amount of rain) and see the impact it would have on a farm. The software will be used in learning environments to help students understand the interconnected nature of farming and the importance of planning.

Come and talk to us about these research projects, your research requirements and the opportunity to make a significant difference in your industry through our Masters programme.

Find us at the Mystery Creek Pavilion, stand PB14

Welcome to Interns from Kyungpook University, Korea

Our Centre has the privilege of hosting six interns from well-known Kyungpook University, Department of Chemical Engineering, Korea.  These six undergraduate students will spend the next 16 weeks at Wintec as research interns, improving their English, as well as working on projects within our Research Facilities.  We welcomed them and their host families at Wintec on Monday morning, together with colleagues from the Centre for Languages where they will join English language classes.

The interns will work on selected projects and will be located mainly in Research House on the Rotokauri Campus, as well as the Chemistry labs on the City Campus.  Three interns will work on projects related to our NP sensing (the technology platform), UV measurement, and the use of bio-luminescent organisms under the guidance of Gert Hattingh. The other three interns  will work on special methods in cellulose ink preparation, and cancer cell targeting under Pierson Rathinaraj.

14th of June, 2016: Wintec developed sensor technology recognised

A huge congratulations to Gert Hattingh, Research Facility Manager at CeTRI. He has recently been named by both Callaghan Innovation and NZTE as THE expert in sensor technology nationally in their feedback after involving him as an advisor in one of their projects

The significance of the technology for regional councils nationally in compliance applications has also been recognised. After four years of development work and with the chemistry solution provided by Dr Pierson Rathinaraj (Chemistry Research Facility CeTRI), this is a fantastic achievement. The NP sensor technology is currently in the process of being patented.

26th of February, 2016: New Transdisciplinary Project: Farming and the Environment

A baseline project to link actions by sheep and beef farmers to environmental improvements in the catchment.

This project involves selecting a sub catchment in the lower Waikato that is predominated by sheep and beef farming. In this sub catchment the Waikato Institute of Technology will undertake an intensive water quality monitoring programme over a period of three years. This aims to collect real time data so farmers can link on farm actions to changes in water quality. at least 3 farmers in this catchment will undertake a level 3 Land and Environment Plan. Learnings from this sub catchment work will be communicated throughout the Waikato to sheep and beef farmers. In the wider lower waikato 9 Land and Environment plan workshops will be held aiming to achieve uptake of LEP level 1 by approximately 100 farmers over three years. 

In the Waipa catchment 10 farmers will be identified to work through an LEP level 3. These farmers will champion the approach to others in the catchment. Beef + Lamb New Zealand will work closely with Waikato Regional Council throughout the project, particularly in the Waipa to optimise uptake of sediment reduction initiatives through farm plans and works subsidy payments.

22nd of February, 2016:  We are officially open!

Our Centre and its two new postgraduate programmes were officially launched on Monday, 22nd February. Over 50 staff, business partners and clients attended the event which was opened by the Dean, Gaye Barton and included presentations by visiting experts Dr Chris Riedy (Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS Sydney) and Alex Deschamps Sonsino (Designswarm, London UK).

If you were unable to attend or would like to discuss your research requirements or study options with us, then we would like to talk to you. Please contact us on

15th of February, 2016:  Upcoming visits to CeTRI– if you are interested in either of these two visitors please contact Gaby at

Chris Riedy from the University of Technology, Sydney will be at Wintec again from the 17th-23rd of February. An experience transdisciplinary researcher, Chris will be visiting Wintec in order to work with potential supervisors. He will also be providing workshops and presentations on transdisciplinarity. 

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino from London based business designswarm, will be at Wintec from 15th-23rd of February. Designswarm is involved in the development of next generation consumer products through agile prototyping activities (e.g. Internet of Things). For more info about her work please see: designswarm