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Innovate by Making use of Wintec's New Suite of Postgraduate Programmes

Workplaces are increasingly complex, and the work environment also increasingly needs to be agile with change being a constant reality. Being innovative in the workplace is fast becoming an important part of the skillset required for success in the 21st Century workforce.

The suite of programmes at Wintec (Postgraduate Certificate in Transdisciplinary Research – PG Cert - and Master of Transdisciplinary Research and Innovation - MTDRI) is ideally suited to develop the competencies, knowledge and culture required in such an agile and ever changing environment.

These programmes guide students

  1. To become confident intrapreneurs
  2. To lead rigorous and inclusive internal change projects towards new innovations as outcomes
  3. To build a culture of change makers and innovative leaders
  4. To develop new fit for purpose innovations

Advantages of the Master of Transdisciplinary Research and Innovation include:

  • Offers an accessible academic and professional career development option in research and innovation at postgraduate level which will be relevant to all disciplines.
  • Makes industry experience count: Stduents can submit their professional portfolio to be assessed as part of the entry requirements for this postgraduate level study option.
  • Gives students (and employers) the flexibility to be in control of time and place of study. There are no formal classes but all students will be supported in their learning by an industry mentor and an academic supervisor as well as through regular seminars, presentations, workshops and extensive online resources.
  • Is in the work-place (minimum of three days a week for the Masters componenet), allowing students to immerse themselves into a business environment or organisation and gain a qualification whilst in employment.
  • Provides an avenue for businesses to build the research and development capabilities of their own staff and offer professional development opportunities.
  • Opens up access to a national and international network of researchers and industry experts, resources and state of the art facilities.
  • Will facilitate access to a large number of industry research scholarhsips and goverment grants.
  • Unless otherwise stated in the individual contracts with student and industry partner, industry will retain all intellectual property rights. Additionally, confidentiality agreements can be tailor-made to suit any commercially sensitive project.

Contact the Centre at to find out more information and how you can get started now.

What is Required from a Company / Organisation?

The company/organisation needs to provide the following:

  • a research theme (innovation requirement) that is not business as usual and can be completed in ​a timeframe of 18 months
  • an industry mentor who is available to discuss the project at hand with the student (minimum of 30, maximum of 36 hours over 18 months) and assist the student with access to the business environment
  • to sign a tripartite agreement between the industry partner, the student and Wintec
  • time for the industry mentor to provide written feedback to the lead supervisor and participation in the monthly student fora / community of practice.
  • a stable business and relevant resources that will allow the student to immerse him/herself into the business environment at least 3 days a week during the last 12 months of study

How Does it Work?

Companies and organisations can register research/innovation themes​ that they want students to work on. Prospective students are matched to these through a process of engagement between the company/organisation, Wintec and the student.

A tripartite agreement is signed to manage the relationship between the three parties for the duration of the study.

It is hoped, the company/organisation will pay for the student's fees and also a small stipend at minimum during the project implementation phase of the Masters programme.

If you consider using these programmes as professional development for existing staff, it is also important to note:

  1. While there are no classes to attend, the student will be required to attend a workshop once a month for three hours
  2. The student needs to be able to work on their study for at least three days a week during the last 12 months of the study
  3. The student will need to meet with their academic supervisor for up to 48 hours over a period of 18 months (this can be a combination of face to face and multi-media discussions)

Students are not required to be on a Wintec Campus during their study, but do need to be able to participate in a monthly workshop in Hamilton for the duration of the 18 month study period (some of which can be attended via multi-media).

More Information

For more information about these programmes, and how they can assist your company or organisation in developing new innovations and/or be used for professional development of your staff, please contact us at the Centre​​.​