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Global and Local Partners

As our research client, industry partner or student, you will not only have access to experts and resources at Wintec. Connecting with our Centre will give you access to our global network of tertiary education institutions, organisations and government bodies with which we collaborate, discuss projects or offer exchange opportunities for staff and student. This network includes: 

  • Swinburne Design Factory, Melbourne Australia 
  • University of Technology Sydney, Institute for Sustainable Futures 
  • Kyungpook University, Department of Chemical Engineering, South Korea 
  • Inje University, South Korea - University of Seville, Department of Industrial Management, Spain 
  • Part of a project for the Ministry of Agriculture in Ecuador 
  • DesignSwarm (IoT), London, UK 
  • Mid University, Sweden 
  • MyProdigy national project, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
  • Ministry of Public Health, Thailand 
  • Lund University, Sweden 
  • Medicon Village, Lund, Sweden 
  • Malmo Incubator, Malmo, Sweden 
  • Aalto University, Finland
  • VTT, Finland
  • Regional Council, Häme Region, Finland
  • UGM, Indonesia