Customers and Clients

The Centre's past clients include:
  • ​Wel Networks
  • EECA – Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority
  • Nuevo Technologies
  • Rheem
  • Miraka
  • Environment Canterbury
  • Waikato District Health Board
  • SIDDC – South Island Dairying Development Centre

​For a more detailed list of projects please see below:​

Research ProjectStaff Involved
Develop an idea for a low carbon footprint dairy farm into a conceptual model, provide a simulation model to be used as guidance for the development of its various aspects (technological and otherwise) to ensure the whole system is balanced and adds value as anticipated (i.e. deliver more milk solids per cow, and stay within the regulatory framework of dairy farming in New Zealand)Henk Roodt, Debbie Care
Work under the leadership of the Institute for Sustainable Futures (UTS in Sydney) to investigate the possibility of replacing palm kernels with an alternative feed on dairy farms.Debbie Care, Miruna Petcu, Gudrun Dannenfelt, Sarah-Jane Saravani, Henk Roodt, John Clayton
Investigate the suitability of using eels to manage nutrients in waterways on dairy farmsDebbie Care, Henk Roodt
Measure micro climate in existing kiwifruit orchards and identify how data can be used for frost prediction, selective watering in collaboration with six iwi farmers and another research institution.Gert Hattingh
Measure micro climate in crop farming in Hawke’s Bay in order to identify with end users how the information can be used to increase crop yield in collaboration with farmers.Gert Hattingh, Debbie Care
Develop an idea into a commercial prototype for an end user to cover hockey sticks so they don’t break easily when used by children hockey at secondary schools.Gert Hattingh
Adapt a digital whiteboard for dairy farm management into a tool for the automotive industry and also other farm management functions in collaboration with end users of both industry sectors.Debbie Care
Work with an architect to install bespoke sensor networks in a new domestic dwelling to test new building techniques.Gert Hattingh
Work with the Waikato DHB and regional bodies to design and develop a framework for information sharing across the health sector.John Clayton
Work with an international global company to develop a customised learning environment for their staff as part of their in-house training using micro credentialing to ensure staff has the skill sets required for their particular position.John Clayton
Lead the development of the concept for a virtual research centre to be used by the national SINO-NZ project which leads the vocational and professional educational collaboration and international education agreements between China and New Zealand.John Clayton
Develop a nitrate-phosphate sensor that can be used for compliance and farm management in a variety of farming applications in and prepare for a field trial to be conducted in 2016Gert Hattingh, Pierson Rathinaraj