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Sallie Greenwood

Principal Academic Staff Member


  • PhD, Auckland University, 2010
  • Dip Psych (Comm), Waikato University, 2000
  • M SocSci, Waikato University, 1997
  • CTT, Wintec
  • B SocSci, Waikato University, 1993
  • RGN, UK, 1975
  • RMN, UK, 1972

Area of Expertise

Sallie teaches a range of subjects in the CHASP postgraduate programmes and supervises research projects and dissertations. One of her key research interests is families where there are two maternal figures for example, step mother and birth mother. She also undertakes evaluation research and qualitative research around teaching and development.

Industry Experience, Affiliation and Achievements

  • Nursing: 20+ years’ experience in hospital and community both general & psychiatric
  • Teaching: tertiary teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate level
  • Community Psychologist and counsellor

Research and Scholarly Activity

Evaluation research, Qualitative inquiry, Psychosocial research
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