Careers in Nursing

As a Primary Health Care Nurse you will provide care for individuals, families, whānau and communities. You will be the first point of contact and the first person to educate the public on population health, promotion of health, disease prevention, wellness care and disease management. Because of your wide knowledge you will be able to enter nursing roles in public health environments, private practices, schools, Plunket, rural communities and sexual or mental health organisations.

A Hospital Nurse could focus on mental health, child health, aged care, oncology (cancer), community health or workplace health and safety. Or maybe the fast paced nursing in intensive care or the operating theatre is for you. Your day will be spent planning and carrying out nursing care in your specialist area, monitoring patients, recording important changes in patient conditions, giving medication and intravenous drugs, checking equipment and supplies or educating patients and their families about health care needs.

As an Enrolled Nurse, you will work across a range of healthcare institutions instead of choosing a specialist area. You will work under the supervision of a registered nurse to care for and educate patients in rehabilitation, acute care, aged care and mental health.

A Nurse Practitioner handles the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of illness and disease. You will talk with patients about their health, order, perform and interpret laboratory tests and x-rays, prescribe medication and perform minor surgery. If you prefer a more surgical approach to nursing, this pathway is for you.

Your study will combine theoretical knowledge with hands-on learning in real healthcare environments. You will have the chance to care for your own patients and learn about the industry through putting classroom learning into practice. And our dedicated and experienced staff will be there to guide you every step of the way.

If you don’t meet the entry requirements to the courses, we offer two Certificates in Introduction to Study that will help prepare you for enrolment in the programme.

Questions? Contact our Undergraduate Nursing Team Manager, Glennis Birks