International nursing partnerships formed with China

Wintec academic staff member Jenny Song is working towards establishing training programmes for international nurses, including guest speakers, lectures and clinic visits.

Two delegations of Chinese nurses participated in workshops earlier this year, with another three groups arriving for a programme in November focusing on community healthcare. These groups include nursing managers, specialists and directors of nursing with a variety of specialties, selected by the Chinese government.

The programmes cover a range of topics including aged care, critical and acute care, paediatric nursing, midwifery practice and management.

Zheng Ying Wang, the nursing director of Bao’an Central Hospital, Shenzhen, China, was one of 10 nurses and midwives selected to participate in Jenny’s first programme in 2015, a 12-week workshop on Leadership and Management. In an article written for the New Zealand Nurses Organisation Journal (to be published in February 2017) she describes the workshop as “a valuable experience of overseas nursing practice”, encouraging her to work on innovative ways to promote safe nursing practice in China.

Jenny was also invited to conduct a workshop on acute care at the Bao’an Central Hospital, Shenzhen, with Jolanda Lemow, another academic staff member. The week-long workshop was attended by over 100 Chinese nurses.