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Beatriz Hardy

Senior Academic Staff Member

(Horticulture programme coordinator)

Beatriz is part of the horticulture team at Hamilton Gardens Wintec campus and she has been teaching horticulture at Wintec for seven years.

Beatriz has worked all her life in horticulture, back in Chile in horticulture production and research and here at Wintec teaching a range of subjects but primarily plant and soils science, weed identification and control and revegetation of indigenous areas.

Beatriz is an agronomist from Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso (Chile) and has been in New Zealand for 13 years.

While in New Zealand Beatriz has gained the Certificate in Adult Teaching (CAT), National Certificate

in Adult Literacy Education (NCALE) among other short courses like growsafe, modules in New Zealand flora and soils of New Zealand.

Beatriz is a passionate teacher that likes making others enthusiastic about New Zealand flora, botany and horticulture in general.

She has developed texts books for plant and soils science and is always looking for new ways to better deliver the course content.

Currently Beatriz Hardy lives in Hamilton and enjoys gardening, tramping and cooking in her free time.