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Plumbing, Gas Fitting and Roofing

Assembling fixtures and fittings for plumbing and gas, installing roofing materials and spouting. Qualified plumbers, roofers and gasfitters are in demand and Wintec provides the programme you need to work in this field.


Plumbers and Gasfitters assemble, install and repair the pipes, fixtures and fittings that supply water and gas to a property, and remove waste from a property. Your day could involve studying building plans and discussing client requirements, installing or maintaining gas stoves, toilets, basins, septic tanks, hot water, heating and air-conditioning systems, measuring, cutting, shaping, joining and installing pipes, laying drains and repairing damaged water, sewerage and gas pipes.

Heights don’t faze you? Then neither will a career as a Roofer repairing and installing roofs. Your day could include measuring up, estimating the amount of materials required, selecting and attaching iron, tiles, shingle or other roofing material, cutting iron to size, installing spouting and downpipes, and if you’re self-employed, preparing quotes and invoices.