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National Certificate in Electrical Engineering (Level 4) Modules


Programme Regulations

These regulations should be read in conjunction with the Institute's Academic Regulations, clause 2 General Programme Regulations.

Schedule of Modules

Group A

Module Code
Module Title
TE1206A.C. Power and Power Factor 44
TE2017Complex Electrical Instruments 24
TE5926Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) 54
TE15857Three-Phase Transformers 34
TE15862Industrial Process Control 34
TE15864Semi-conductor Power Devices 44
TE20961Special Electrical Installations 44
TE21766Registration of Electricians 34
TE1205Electrical Switchboards 33
TE1710Demonstrate Knowledge of Electrical Lighting 34
TE2021 *Power Supply on a Construction or Demolition Site 24
TE5931 *Install Electric Switchboards43
TE15866Examination and Testing of Electrical Installations24
TE15869 *Electrical Equipment in Damp Situations 34
TE15870 *Electrical Installation AS/NZS 3000:2000 34
TE16410 *Commission Small Electrical Installations 54
TE16414 *Planned Electrical Maintenance Work 64
TE20962A.C. Electric Motor Control and Installation 84
TE1702Electrical Legislation Codes and Standards 84
TE15865 *Direct Current (D.C.) machines (15865)54
TE16464 *Direct Current Concepts in Electrical Engineering (16464)124
TE16965 *Describe and Apply Alternating Current & Concepts (16965)124

* These are practical modules performed and assessed under supervision.

Group B

Module Code
Module Title
TE1978Employment Rights 21
TE750Electrical Test Instruments 22
TE6401Provide First Aid 12
TEE6402Provide Resuscitation 12
TE25070Conductors, Isulators, and Semiconductors72
TE25071Electromotive Force32
TE25072Electromagnetism Theory 52
TE15844Flexible Cords 32
TE15845Simple Electrical Diagrams 42
TE15846Capacitors and Semi-Conductor Diodes 32
TE15847Mathematics and Mechanics 42
TE15848Portable Appliances 22
TE15849Soldering 22
TE15851Electrical Safety 32
TE15852Electrical Sub-Circuits 22

Group C

Module Code
Module Title
TE1174Fixed Wire Electrical Appliances 43
TE1178Safe Workplace Practices 32
TE2031Three-Phase Theory 44
TE15850Single-Phase Transformers 33
TE15853A.C. Theory 74
TE15854Electrical Diagrams 33
TE15856N.Z Electricity Supply System 23
TE15861D.C. Power Supplies 33
TE16407Use Hand and Power Tools 43
TE1192Portable Hand Tools and Appliances 43
TE6705Safety of Appliances 33
TE16411Repair Fixed-Wire Appliances 43
TE1204Earthing 23
TE2016Earthing Systems 33
TE2020Cable Support Systems 43
TE15855Circuit Protection 33
TE15859Cables and Accessories 73
TE15867Lights in Existing Installations 53
TE15868Power Outlets in Existing Installations 53
TE15871Installation in Damp Situations 34
TE16408Pre-Wire an Installation 53
TE16409Fit-Off an Installation 53
TE16412Lighting 43
TE1184Machine Windings 23
TE15858A.C. Motors 74
TE15860Legislation and Standards 23
TE1277Communicate Information 32
TE3492Write a Short Report 32